Kiteflyer Killed On Downs Named

26 July 2011, 16:11 | Updated: 26 July 2011, 16:25

A man who died after falling fifty feet while flying a kite has been named.

The tragic accident happened on Sunday on Dunstable Downs in Bedfordshire.

Marcus Garwood, 26, who lived in Hillcroft, Dunstable was flying a kite which had a 20ft wing span when he was caught by a gust of wind and carried into the air.

He plunged to the ground and suffered multiple fractures, including a broken pelvis and leg. He was pronounced dead at the scene from a suspected heart attack.

An enthusiast on a kite-flying website yesterday claimed to be a friend who was with Marcus at the time, wrote on the Kitecrowd discussion forum: "He launched, got lofted, and held [the kite] out. It was looking like it was under control, was coming down nice and steady.

"He got to about 20ft off the floor, the kite dropped [and] caught the wind. The winds were coming up the hill just before the accident it was reading 11mph as far as I remember."

The message continued: "It really was just a freak accident. RIP Markos. Hope the winds are better where you are now."

Dunstable Downs has a 200ft hill that is popular with kite enthusiasts as prevailing winds hit the ridge and are forced up at speed.

A spokesperson for the East of England Air Ambulance said: "The man suffered multiple traumatic injuries and went into suspected cardiac arrest. EEAST and air ambulance crews tried to save him but he was sadly pronounced dead on scene."

Nick Champion from the National Trust who manages the site has called it an “absolute tragedy.”

Marcus GarwoodMarcus Garwood