Local charity founder - more heartbreak

31 August 2010, 12:10

The former TV presenter has experienced fresh family heartbreak after the sudden death of his son-in-law, it emerged today.

Mitchell Carey, 43, died in hospital in Stevenage from suspected blood poisoning earlier this month, reportedly after stepping on a sea urchin while on holiday in Greece.

He was the widower of Bob Wilson's daughter Anna, who died of cancer in 1998 just before her 32nd birthday.  As a lasting tribute to her, Mr Wilson and his wife Megs created the Hatfield-based Willow Foundation which provides special days out for 16-40 year olds who are seriously ill.

Mr Carey, from Knebworth, Hertfordshire, fell ill on August 16 and was taken to the accident and emergency department at the Lister Hospital in Stevenage.

He was discharged into his GP's care but his condition deteriorated seriously and he was admitted to the hospital again by ambulance the next day. He died there on August 18.

The Daily Mail reported that medical experts were investigating whether his death was caused by blood poisoning contracted after he accidentally stood on a sea urchin.

A spokeswoman for East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust said: "Our deepest sympathies are with Mr Carey's family.

"While an investigation gets under way it does appear that Mr Carey was given the appropriate course of treatment while at our A&E department.

"Sadly his condition worsened dramatically and on his admission, staff at the Lister Hospital did everything they could to save his life.''