Luton: Consumer Survey Says Airport Is "Gloomy"

17 August 2013, 11:23

The Which? consumer organisation has polled passengers to rate the UK's airports; Luton comes at the bottom of 35 terminals.

In a poll of more than 11,500 passenger experiences, London Southend fared best, achieving an impressive customer score of 84%. In contrast, travellers flying from London Luton airport typically faced a less than positive experience, with its terminal receiving a poor customer score of just 43%.

Which? suggests travellers wanting to fly from a London airport should consider London Southend - where members top-rated it as the No.1 UK airport with speedy check-in and arrivals.

But Which? members who passed through Luton airport on their travels were typically not so impressed with their experience.

The UK’s fifth busiest airport achieved a customer score of just 43% for the overall airport experience, scoring two out of a possible five stars almost across the board, including its speed of check-in, passport control queues, airport design and its toilets.

Which? members described Luton airport as ‘dark and gloomy’ and ‘poorly designed and poorly signed inside and out’.

London Heathrow’s Terminal 1 (45%) and Terminal 3 (46%) also scored poorly, receiving only two stars for airport design.

Which? executive director, Richard Lloyd, said: "Our research shows a jumbo jet-sized gap in the performance of UK airports with smaller terminals generally performing better. It is clear some of our major airports have some work to do if they are to keep more of their passengers satisfied."