Luton Faiths Respond To Koran Burning

11 September 2010, 08:36 | Updated: 11 September 2010, 08:40

Luton Council of Faiths condemns the attempt to "International Burn-a-Koran Day".

Here's their statement.

Although, we are grateful to Almighty that the burning of Koran is held off. However, we deplore such an outrageous provocation which exhibits utter disregard and disrespect towards people of faith and their sacred text. It is disgraceful for someone, who is a religious leader himself and therefore should understand the significance of the ‘holy text’.  We strongly deplore action of a man with a following of less than 50 people who intends to cause grave distress and hurt to a global faith community of more than 1.5 billion Muslims.

While such extremist minorities continue to stir up hatred, division and violence in the name of religion, we call upon the vast majority of peace loving people from across different faiths and in particular Muslims- who have yet again been made a target- to react in a way that is consistent with and reflects our respective and mutual religious obligations of peace, harmony and universal brotherhood to each other.

We in the Luton Council of Faiths welcome the statement put out by “Churches Together in Luton”.

We take pride in good Christian-Muslim relations in Luton. Following 7/7 act of terrorism, the earthquake in Kashmir, the attack on the Mosque in Bury Park or recent floods in Pakistan, Churches Together in Luton have on all these occasions stood by their Muslim neighbours in Luton. Christmas and Eid Greetings are often exchanged. Individual as well as collective community friendships are formed.

Therefore, following “Luton in Harmony” campaign, which symbolises the mutual aspiration for harmonious co-existence and friendship between people of all faiths, cultures, ethnicities and nationalities in Luton, we appeal to  religious and community leaders to help maintain  peace in the town and once again tell the world that we will not let a handful of  extremists from any community or religion to hold  the vast majority of  peaceful people  within our diverse  towns and cities, such as Luton, to ransom.