Luton School Creates Own Star Trek Holo-Deck

20 October 2013, 11:33

Someries Infant School is pioneering the way in engaging and inspiring children.

Pupils have "flown" on magic carpets, walked through a rainforest and have even gone to outer space, thanks to their new Immersive Learning Centre – the first one in Luton - which brings learning to life.

The school will be officially launching this innovative centre on Monday 14 October at 10am.  Journalist, broadcasters and photographers are welcome to attend to see this technology in action as well as speak to pupils and teachers on what impact it has already had on the school.

It took three weeks for 4D Creative to transform the school’s traditional ICT suite into a high-tech, creative, learning space, featuring high quality laptops, led lighting, large projections, motion sensors and surround sound. With these facilities teachers can instantly change the environment quickly and easily by the touch of a button and the sensors allow pupils to interact with the projected image to increase their understanding and learning.

Jenny Meara, Headteacher, Someries Infant School told Heart "We are absolutely delighted with our Immersive Learning Centre, we were trialling it a few weeks in the summer term and it has been a big hit with both pupils and teachers. Now all children will get the opportunity to experience this innovative way of learning.

You can talk about the rainforest or the North Pole but this technology allows us to give the children a sense of what it is really like, which inspires them to be more creative and imaginative. They remember more of what they have learnt because they are actually experiencing it."

An immersive learning centre caters for all ages and abilities and delivers many benefits including:
* helping to develop independent learners
* increasing creative thinking, discussions and understanding
* raising standards and improving teaching and learning
* encouraging participation and interaction
* sharing good practice with other schools.

Jenny added: "Children who have just started this September at the school will experience three years of this unique learning space which ultimately will help to improve pupils’ performances. In the long term we intend to lease it to other schools making Someries Infant a hub for sharing best practice."