Man From Britain Goes Missing In Spain

16 August 2011, 12:57 | Updated: 16 August 2011, 13:03

Police are trying to trace a 29 year old man from Britain who's gone missing in Spain.

Matthew Alfredo Sanchez from Grange Close, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, was last seen in the Pamplona on Friday 24 June 2011.  Hertfordshire's police think he may then have travelled to Madrid.

Matthew is described as being white, 5ft 10ins tall, and of medium build.  He also has short dark brown hair, a pierced tongue and he had a beard when he was last seen.

Hertfordshire's police are asking anyone with information on Matthew's whereabouts to call the Hertfordshire Constabulary non-emergency number 101.  People calling from outside Hertfordshire are asked to dial 0845 3300 222.