Missing Man From Mental Health Unit Found

28 June 2010, 08:19

A man who disappeared from a mental health unit in Luton has been found in Bedford.

Graham Geoffrey Sanderson went missing on Wednesday morning and was found in Bedford on Sunday lunchtime.

The 61-year old had been convicted of six counts of indecent assaults between 1980 and 2006.

On his last conviction at Middlesex Guildhall Crown Court on 07/09/2006 Sanderson was issued with an Anti Social Behaviour Order which ends on 06 09 2011. The conditions on the ASBO are as follows:

1   Prevented from entering, alightening or being within any London underground station, and any mainline railway station or any Docklands railway station.

2   Prevented from travelling upon any train on the London underground, the Docklands light   railway or any mainline railway  which is run by any service provider.

3 Prevented from being drunk in any public place within England and Wales.

4 Prevented from committing any act of Indecency towards any person in any public place throughout England and Wales.

On completion of his prison sentence Sanderson was released from prison but transferred to a mental health unit under a National Section 37. He was housed under strict conditions, and he breached those conditions, therefore, the power to detain and return Sanderson to the unit is now being enforced.