Marsh Farm Residents Speak Out Over Death In Police Custody

14 November 2013, 12:17

Some residents of Marsh Farm in Luton have been speaking to Heart about the anger within the community over the death of a 39 year old man in police custody.

Leon Briggs was arrested on May 4th under the Mental Health Act and was taken to Luton Police Station - he soon became ill and was taken to hospital where he died.

The officers under investigation in connection with the death have been suspended and an IPCC is now underway but people living in Marsh Farm have told Heart they're worried Mr Briggs's death won't be dealt with fairly.

Glenn Jenkins has lived in Marsh Farm all his life and says he knew Mr Briggs:

Glenn Jenkins On Death In Police Custody

Mr Jenkins went on to say the people on the town will react if they don't think the investigation into Bedfordshire Police is carried out properly:

Glenn Jenkins On Protest Over Police Custody Death

Lenos Wilson from the Non Violence Alliance in the town says any protests will be peaceful but hopes it doesn't come to that.

He also commended the Chief Constable after she went to a public meeting in Marsh Farm earlier this week where a lot of anger was directed towards her:

Lenos Wilson On Police Response To Death In Custody