Michelle Heaton Says She Was Terrified

24 October 2012, 16:00 | Updated: 29 October 2012, 12:26

Three months ago Hertfordshire Fire Service had to come to the rescue of pop star Michelle Heaton after she accidentally locked her baby alone in the car.

Michelle told Heart her car was parked on the driveway of her home in Watford when she went to put the bins out.

She than came back to the car to find it had automatically locked with her keys, phone, purse and six month old baby Faith inside.

Terrified, she went next door to use the phone to call the fire service.

Michelle said: "It was awful, I think it was worse for me than it was for Faith. The only time she got upset was when she was hungry other than that she was happy as larry, all of the men were tapping on the window and smiling at her and they gave her a little teddy bear."

She says she didn't want to smash the window of the BMW sports car because she was worried about getting glass on Faith.

Michelle says she's now extra careful about not letting go of her car keys when her daughter's strapped in but says she does still worry about it happening again.

Since then Michelle has been enjoying doing 'mummy' things like officially opening the new indoor play area at Whipsnade Zoo in Dunstable, Bedfordshire.

Michelle and Faith made a mother and daughter appearance to cut the ribbon and have the first play at Hullabazoo.

She said: "This is amazing, this is the first thing we've been asked to do parent and daughter and its a real pleasure.

"It really is. It's so much fun and children don't usually get opportunities like this so when she's older we can show her pictures like 'this is what you did' I think it will be really cool, I think its lovely."