Motorists Stopped and Searched In Herts

12 October 2012, 06:00

Hertfordshire Police carried out around 25 stop and search operations on motorists yesterday.

Drivers were pulled over in the Truck Stop on the A5 near Flamstead.

It was part of operation Scorpion aimed at tackling metal thefts in the county

Police suspect that stolen metal is now being taken out of the country using popular routes like the M1 so yesterday’s operation was aimed stopping those vehicles used in the transportation.

No stolen metal was found but police did make two arrests.

One man was found with a stolen trailer and red diesel

Another had a passenger with an expired visa and who was wanted by the UK Borders Agency.

Inspector Paul Lawrence told Heart the operation was a success because even though they didn't catch any metal thieves they did manage to issue a number of penalties, warnings and educate drives on what documentation they should have.