New Baby Rhino To Count In 2013 Stocktake

Every year Whipsnade Zoo take a stocktake of their animals and this year they're able to include their new Asian Rhino thats just four weeks old.

Baby Jamil weighed 9 stone when he was born and was just under 3ft tall.

He is the fifth Rhino to be born at Whipsnade and is one of just 2,575 Greater One Horned Rhinos in the world.

But Jamil is not the only new addition at the zoo

On New Years Eve twin baby Marmosets were born 

They've also had baby Red Panda twins, a Lynx Kitten, a Pygmy Hippo and a Giraffe all in the last 12 months.

Nick Lindsey is the senior curator at the zoo, he says 2012 was a good year for their breeding program

Heart asked him what we can expect from 2013:

"We're always a little cautious to give too much away on our expected births but there'll be a number of antelope and zebras will be giving birth through the year, hopeful we'll expect another rhino so there'll be some surprises on the way but there'll be the regular births as well even some of the things like the tortoises  some of the invertebrates, our butterfly colony does well in the Discovery Centre and they're all included in the count its not but the big stuff"