New holograms help speed up Luton Airport Security

1 February 2011, 06:00 | Updated: 16 February 2011, 10:59

There's now a new way for passengers to get safety information at Luton Airport.

Two holograms - called Holly and Graham - will tell travellers what they should, and shouldn't have in their hand luggage, as well as make sure they're ready to walk through the body scanners.

Some of the advice from Holly includes:

"Any liquids exceeding 100ml are not permitted so please discard them now in the bins provided. Please put any liquids under 100ml in to a clear, plastic, re-sealable bag like this one."

The holograms are being treated as new staff at Luton airport - taking their total number of security workers up to 352.

Managing Director of Luton Airport, Glyn Jones, says it won't mean any jobs are at risk, but will help staff focus on more in-depth security checks:

"They are spending less of their time, obviously when we've got Holly and Graham making the announcements of advising passengers what to do, and they will be dealing with passengers who ideally will have prepared themselves after listening to and watching Holly and Graham."

Mr Jones is hoping the holograms will provide a consistent service for passengers:

"Holograms don't have a row with their boyfriend or girlfriend, they don't come to work in a bad mood, or whatever it may be, and they don't have lots of distractions around them. So I think we've got a great chance of being able to communicate compellingly and consistently to the passengers."