PIP Implants Removed

18 January 2012, 05:52 | Updated: 18 January 2012, 11:05

Melanie Schilling from Luton has told Heart she went to Vienna to have her PIP breast implants removed because she felt let down by the British Government.

As soon as concerns were raised about the PIP implants, Melanie wanted them out of her body.

She felt the government were not doing enough to help women like her receive this removal surgery so last week she flew to a clinic in Vienna.  There, she had the implants removed free of charge just four days after first inquiring. 

"It's good that the NHS are now removing them but I do think it is going to take a while to get an appointment and i just wasn't prepared to wait i just wanted to get them removed," she said.

Melanie said that she had never considered going abroad for surgery before because she was worried about the risk of receiving unsafe implants and poor aftercare.

Ironically, this is how she felt about her UK operation.

Not only was she shocked the PIP products could be used in the UK, she blames them for causing her extreme pain in her chest and neck.

Melanie had the free surgery at the Vienna International Medical Clinic who are offering free PIP removals to women in the UK.

She did however pay €3000 to have new implants put in during the operation and she is very happy:

"This is the end, I'm free from the PIP implants and I couldn't be happier."

Latest advice for women with PIP breast implants

The government say there is no need for all women with PIP breast implants to have them removed - only if there are problems.  They say a link between the implants and an increased risk of cancer has now been discounted by experts.

The NHS are offering to pay for the removal of implants given to women in NHS operations.  Private clinics are being encouraged to do the same for private patients.  The NHS will remove - but not replace - PIP implants put in in private operations if the private clinic refuses to remove them, or no longer exists.

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Melanie Schilling With Her PIP Implants