Police Crackdown On Stone Throwers

30 June 2010, 12:16 | Updated: 30 June 2010, 12:30

Police in Bedfordshire are currently investigating eight incidents where rocks or stones have been thrown from bridges over the motorway onto moving traffic.

Detectives have decided to release the CCTV of the latest incident where three youths throwing stones have smashed the windscreen of a Post Office lorry, causing the driver to get glass in his eye. This incident happened on June 12, at about 8.40pm, on the overbridge near the Luton Rugby Club at Slip End Road. 

This follows a previous incident where an ambulance windscreen was smashed at one of the Luton overbridges – one incident among five reported in a half hour period between 7.40pm and 8.15pm on June 8.

And detectives are now trawling through other incidents which may be linked – including two lorry drivers who were targeted on May 19. Again, one reported getting glass in his eye.

The three youths involved in the latest incident are described as being aged about 13-15 years old, white male teenagers, all wearing hoodies and one with ginger hair.

PC Charlie Pirie is investigating the case. He's been telling Heart:

“It goes without saying how dangerous these incidents are. There has been expensive damage caused to the vehicles involved, and three drivers have needed medical treatments for glass fragments in the eye – but fortunately none of the injuries have been serious.”

“However, it doesn’t take much to imagine what could have happened if one of these heavy goods vehicle drivers had lost control of his lorry. Other road users would have been at extreme risk of being involved in a high speed collision and terrible consequences could have followed."

If anyone can help identify the stone throwers, or has information that could help police find them before their actions cause a major accident, please contact PC Pirie direct on 01582 304491, or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, or by text on 07786 200011.