Safety Roadshow for Young Drivers

29 June 2010, 12:50 | Updated: 29 June 2010, 12:52

Organisations from across Hertfordshire are taking a special roadshow, called Megadrive, around schools to educate young drivers on how to keep themselves safe on the road.

Megadrive is organised by Hertfordshire County Council and the roadshow aims to reduce the number of casualties among Hertfordshire's younger drivers through education and hard-hitting reconstructions.

Last year, 104 young people were seriously injured on Hertfordshire's roads and tragically seven died.

The workshops include:

  •  What to look for when buying a car
  •  Collision investigation
  •  Drink driving
  •  Drug driving
  • Assertiveness training
  • Seatbelts and the effects of a collision on the body
  • All sessions will include a crash reconstruction in the afternoon.

Stuart Pile, Executive Member for Highways and Transport, said:

"Each one of the 111 young people killed or seriously injured is someone's son, daughter, brother or sister.

"Any death or serious accident on our roads is a tragedy that should never have happened and has far-reaching consequences for everyone involved.

"Megadrive uses a mixture of educational, practical and emotional activities to reach young people and all the agencies involved want to get across the very real dangers associated with driving."

Many agencies contribute to getting the important Megadrive road safety messages across.

These include Hertfordshire County Council, DrugLink, Hertfordshire Highways, HAPAS Education & Training, Tip of the Iceberg, Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, Hertfordshire Constabulary, London Ambulance Service and the NHS Trust.