Tribute paid to 83 year old Flo

1 March 2011, 16:31 | Updated: 8 March 2011, 12:23

The family of 83-year-old Flo McElligott, who tragically died in a road traffic collision in Popple Way, Stevenage on Friday (February 25), have paid tribute to her.

Flo was crossing the road, in front of her house, in her mobility scooter when she was involved in the collision with a Toyota Hilux at around 1pm.
She was taken to the Lister Hospital in Stevenage where she sadly died later that day.
Flo leaves behind her daughter Maureen, son Kevin, and six grandchildren; Ryan, Jodie, Danielle, Johnny, Michelle and Christopher.
Flo’s son Kevin said: "I think mum was reluctant to move to Stevenage but my father knew the work was here, and they subsequently lived here for almost 60 years. My mum was well known in the town, having worked in Woolworths for fifteen years where she was known as ‘Mrs Mac’ and at the Land Registry for eight years.
"When she retired she was keen to keep busy and volunteered in the Garden House Hospice and then at the PDSA shop for a total of eleven years. She only stopped working in the PDSA four years ago at the age of 78."
Her Granddaughter Jodie said: "Everyone knew Nan - she was well known in the town and even after finishing her volunteering she would go into town most days to get out of the house and see people.
"Myself and Danielle used to go with her to the Post Office Club to play bingo where she would attend every Thursday. She had a group of friends there who she’d play with. We’re very close and would see her regularly. Nan would always be telling us stories from her past and went into great detail. I was in the process of writing her life story for her because she had so many stories to tell. I had almost finished and was looking forward to giving this to her as a late Christmas gift."
Flo was part of a close, loving family and enjoyed holidaying with them.  She particularly enjoyed a holiday in America.
Flo’s husband John passed away in 2000.
She was a keen dancer before she developed a back problem. In particular she enjoyed ballroom dancing in her younger years, during the war.
Granddaughter Danielle added: "Nan was such a glamorous woman, she always had make up on and would have co-ordinating jewellery to match what she was wearing. Complete strangers used to stop her in the town and compliment her on her appearance."
Granddaughter Michelle said "It’s hard to find words to express how much we love our Nan. She was an amazing woman who we admire so much. She was always there for us, to advise us, to comfort us and sometimes just to listen. We are so proud to be able to call her our Nan, she worked all her life and raised a beautiful family. We are who we are because of who she was and what she taught us. I have lost the best friend I will ever have."
Her daughter Maureen said "Mum was such a special person, she was the centre of our family, the sun around which the rest of us revolved. She had a heart of gold and would have given you the shirt off her back if you needed it. Mum was a strong, proud woman who lived for her family and always put them first, her grandchildren adore her. Beautiful not only on the outside but on the inside too, Dad was utterly devoted to her and there is some comfort in knowing that he will keep her safe now that we can't."
Kevin added: "She was such a caring and giving woman and would always put others before herself. She was also a very proud woman, a true Londoner with all the best British values. Stevenage will be a poorer place without her."
"She is going to be greatly missed by all the family."