Two House Burglars Jailed

23 September 2012, 08:27 | Updated: 23 September 2012, 08:33

Two men from Leighton Buzzard have been sent to prison after they broke in and stole from a family home

A pair left their fingerprints on DVD cases they had touched while raiding a house 
The owners were on holiday.
Deon Anderson and Stanley Wood were quickly identified as the culprits because they both had previous convictions including some for burglary.
They appeared before Luton Crown Court on Friday where they pleaded guilty to burgling the house in Meadow Way in July last year.
Philip Misner, prosecuting said the owners were on holiday but their cleaner discovered the break in on July 27. 
Property that was taken included a lap top, watches, jewellery, cameras and DVD's.
In interviews they both initially denied being involved. 
Anderson claimed he had found a bag containing some of the stolen property and Wood said he had been nowhere near the location, but when he was confronted with the fingerprint evidence, he mad a full admission. He said the stolen property was sold for £200.
Anderson, 21, of  Vimy Road, Leighton Buzzard was jailed for two years and five months and Wood, 22, of Oatfield Gardens, Leighton Buzzard was jailed for 20 months.
Alessandro Di Francesca, for Anderson said after his last release from prison he had got a job and was getting his life in order 
"But he lost the job, was in financial difficulties and fell back into offending. He is remorseful."
Rhodri James for Wood said: 
"He knows full well that to prison he is going."
Recorder Sandeep Kainth told both defendants: 
"Coming back from holiday, the last thing you expect is to find your home has been violated.
"You both know that if you commit burglary you go to prison. You took a calculated risk and helped yourselves to goods that did not belong to you."