Valentine Driving Campaign

1 February 2013, 11:52 | Updated: 2 February 2013, 12:06

In the run up to Valentine's Day, posters are going up in pub and nightclub toilets in Hertfordshire to try and get young men to drive more safely.

They're part of a campaign designed to remind young male drivers that by driving wrecklessly they risk not only their life but that of their girlfriend or partner if they're being carried as a passenger.

The campaign also includes online adverts designed to drive home the safer driving message.

Hertfordshire transport boss Stuart Pile said: "Last year alone in Hertfordshire there were 2,650 accidents, resulting in 356 people being seriously injured or dying. Many of them were avoidable.

"The impact on the lives of family, friends and you from a road collision can be devastating. Would you willingly inflict pain and distress on yourself, someone you love, or a complete stranger?

"We hope that this campaign will really get the message across to young people that they aren’t invincible and that accidents don’t just happen to other people."

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Safer Driving Poster