Warning after 5 robberies in a week in Luton

25 January 2011, 10:31 | Updated: 10 February 2011, 11:59

Police in Luton are urging people to take extra care after a number of robberies in and around the Luton Town Centre area over the last week.

Five robberies and one attempted robbery were reported between the 17th and 24th of January, the victims were all men aged between 17 and 32 and phones, cash and keys were taken during the incidents.

The robberies took place in Townsley Close, Francis Street, Ashburnham Road, Castle Street, Moor Path and Milton Road.

Badrul Ahmed, Crime Reduction Officer said: “Investigations are underway into the incidents, however now is the time to think about your own personal safety. There are a number of simple rules that can help to protect you and your property while you are out, these steps can help deter criminals and make all the difference”.

• Keep mobile phones, money or any items of value out of sight so as not to attract a potential robber’s attention.
• Avoid walking in dark areas with insufficient lighting.
• Avoid walking whilst texting or talking to prevent drawing attention to your phone.
• If someone suspicious approaches you, try and cross the road or walk away to limit your chances of being involved in a confrontation.
• Pay attention to someone approaching you from behind.
• If an offence is committed try and remember clearly what the offender looks like so police have a good description of their face and clothes, then contact the police immediately.
• Register your mobile, MP3 player or iPod on www.immobilise.com in order to discourage theft and increase security.  The web site allows the public to register their mobile phone FREE, on the National Mobile Phone Register.  The Register is a searchable, national police database that many forces have already assimilated in to their core investigative procedures.
Owners who register their phone at www.immobolise.com enjoy the following benefits:
• Get your phone back: If you lose your phone or it’s stolen, there’s a better chance of getting it back because your contact details are on the Register.
• Get your own back: Registering your phone and contact details on the web site provides the police with an excellent starting point when investigating mobile phone thefts.  Police have caught and brought to justice many offenders through the use of the Register.

Anyone requiring further Crime Prevention advice can contact 01582 394136, and anyone with information on the offences can call the main switchboard on 01234 841212, text to 07786 200011 or call Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111