Whately Backs Luton's City Status Bid

8 February 2012, 06:00

Actor Kevin Whately, best known for his role as Lewis in Inspector Morse has been in Luton showing his support for their City Status Bid.

Luton is one of 26 towns campaigning to become a city this year and only one will succeed.

The town put in a bid for city status for the Millennium and for the Queens Golden Jubilee but was unsuccessful.

Kevin Whately lives in Woburn Sands and thinks its important for Bedfordshire that Luton win:

"Its a real hub of a town and Bedfordshire has very little its a quite an empty county and I think it deserves to have a city as a focal point"

He says they already have a lot of city qualities:

"the airports incredibly important, Vauxhall, there’s a lot of industry here and its near the motorway. Its a good town and it deserves to be a city"

Yesterday, four brave council members assailed down Luton Town Hall to draw some attention to the bid, it drew in quite a crown as people stopped to take photos.

After the abseil Whately got into character as Detective Lewis and went to 'arrest' them. 

He was then handed an i pad where he signed the Love Luton city status e-petition.