Whipsnade Zoo's Newest Arrival

1 June 2011, 14:23 | Updated: 1 June 2011, 18:03

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo welcomed this cocoa-coloured newcomer – a moose calf called Chocolate – on its 80th birthday on May 23rd.

A bubbly and hungry baby, before too long this leggy moose will grow up to be tall, dark and hopefully handsome.

For now the calf is enjoying milk from mother Minnie and a nibbling leaves from a nearby willow tree.

The calf is the first moose born at the zoo for many years and is part of a European Breeding Programme. Keeper Carole Day Chocolate the Moosesaid mother Minnie, aged two is being a super-protective mum and the calf is thriving.

Male moose are famous for their antlers and the calf’s dad Melka has already started growing his new set and even at the tender age of two he has to be strong – the last pair weighed an astounding 5.5kg when they eventually fell off in February!

Visitors to the zoo this half-term holiday can see Chocolate and mother Minnie in their paddock at the Wild Wild Whipsnade exhibit.