Wife Of Luton Man Killed A Year Ago Makes Appeal

9 April 2014, 13:20

The wife of a man killed in Luton a year ago today, is appealing for those who know what happened - to help the police.

Paul Foster, a 46 year-old father-of-three, was shot and killed in Brunel Road in Lewsey Farm when leaving the house of a friend late at night. 
A £10,000 Crimestoppers reward is on offer to catch those responsible.
His wife Mandy Foster told Heart: "It deeply saddens me that I am here today making an appeal one year after Paul's death. Paul was killed on the 9th April 2013 and his murderers have not yet been brought to justice. I am more than aware of the community that we are living in, and the 'no snitching' culture, especially amongst our young black men but I am also aware of the on-going trust issues between our young black men and the police and because of that I wish to make this appeal directly to our young people, and their parents.
Paul was a loving, kind and compassionate son, husband, father, uncle and friend. He displayed true love to his family friends and his community, and had a heart for young people and a desire to help and support them. The family are of the opinion that there are several people within this community who are aware of what happened to Paul that night but have chosen not speak to the police because of the no snitching culture. Individuals who have deliberately chosen to hinder the police and their enquires possibly because of the lack of trust that exists between the police and the black community.
I therefore appeal to those people! Please do not make this all about the police and the difficulties you may have encountered with them in the past. I plead that you consider Paul's family, especially his children. Think of their anguish, the heartache and pain, the unanswered questions and indescribable grief, without knowing WHY this has happened. This appeal is about our loss. His children, family, friends and community desperately need the perpetrators of this horrendous crime to be held accountable for what they have done."