Work Of Armed Forces Celebrated

30 June 2012, 10:00

Events are taking place across the weekend as the public pay tribute to our servicemen and women.

Gary Russell is the vicar of St Mary's Church in Marshalwick, St Albans, and will be leading today's Civic Service to honour those who serve Queen and country.

Gary is also the chaplain at the local ATC and told Heart why he thinks today is very important: "It's chance for the whole country to mark the sacrifices that troops make in going abroad and working in keeping us safe - being away from their families for long perids of time, putting their lives on the line day in, day out".

Gary added: "The people who we see on the television, the people who wee see on the streets do so much for us. They are working tirelessly for our safety and for world stability and safety and we're very proud of what they do."

Events have been taking place through the week in many parts of the region - and continue across the weekend. As well as today's Civic Service at St Mary's in Marshalwick in St Albans a number of other events take place including:-

* Armed Forces Day Church Service, St Andrew's Church, Kimbolton 11am until 12 noon Saturday.

* Armed Forces Gala Day at the Stevenage Indoor Market, St Georges Way until 5pm Saturday.

* Armed Forces Family Fun Day at Yardley Hastings Village Hall until 4pm Saturday.

* Armed Forces "Ceremonial Sunset" at Wellingborough Museum (4pm until 630pm Saturday).

* Armed Forces Fun Day - 12pm until 4pm on Sunday - taking place on the Common outside The British Legion in Leyton Road, Harpenden.

One of the big focal points of the weekend will be a parade across Tower Bridge at midday today (Saturday).