1.5 Million People Watch 'David's Story'

6 September 2014, 07:39 | Updated: 6 September 2014, 08:25

A hard-hitting video of the moment a motorcyclist crashed on the A47 in Norfolk and died, has already been viewed by nearly 1 and a half million people, in just 24 hours.

Police released 'David's Story', a video featuring clips from a headcam David Holmes was wearing when he crashed at Honingham in June last year (2013).

You can see the video and read more here

It shows the moment a car crosses into the path of the 38 year old, who was from Norwich. He was travelling from King's Lynn on the A47 and was killed instantly.

Police worked closely with David's family who were in full support of the footage being released into the public domain in the hope it would prevent further deaths. His mum Brenda is interviewed in the video.

Chief Inspector Chris Spinks, head of the Norfolk and Suffolk Roads Policing Unit, said he had been astonished by the public response.

He said: "We always knew this video had the potential to be very effective in spreading the message about road safety but to have had over a million views in such a short space of time is truly remarkable.

"It is really pleasing and the fact the public has taken such an interest means they are talking about road safety, which was our aim all along. David's family have always been of the belief that if this video could save just one life then it would be worth it. Unfortunately, we'll never know if we have achieved this but I'm confident, with the level of interest that we will."

Viewers of the video are warned that it contains content which some may find distressing, but it doesn't show any graphic images of the rider during or after the collision and they are given the option to refrain from viewing.

David had been travelling at about 97mph at the time of the collision. While he was travelling above the speed limit the driver admitted to police in interview that he had not seen David, nor a car behind the motorcycle, prior to the collision. The driver was prosecuted.

David's mum Brenda, a retired nurse who lives in North Walsham, said she hoped that by telling her story, she could help prevent another family going through the heartache they had and continue to experience.