Drug Charges After Sundown Festival

5 December 2014, 08:21 | Updated: 5 December 2014, 08:23

A man has been charged with trying to deal laughing gas at the Sundown Festival.


Officers seized more than 400 canisters of nitrous oxide following an incident at the Norfolk Showground in August.  
28-year-old Tyrone Thomas of Castleton Road, London, was charged with possession of a medicinal product with intent to supply, not in accordance with a prescription. 

He was charged following the seizure of 405 small silver gas canisters, which were later identified as nitrous oxide, at the Norfolk Showground on Saturday 30 August 2014. 

Nitrous oxide can be lawfully possessed but not sold in specific circumstances.

Thomas was bailed to appear at Norwich Magistrates Court on Thursday 18 December 2014.