Marsham: Illegal Rave Damages Scientific Site

20 October 2014, 06:41 | Updated: 20 October 2014, 06:43

Widespread damage has been caused to a site of special scientific interest in North Norfolk following an illegal rave.

Police received reports of a large gathering of people arriving in vehicles on land at Botany Bay farm, off Buxton Road, at about 10.55pm on Saturday night (18 October). 

On arrival officers found there to be hundreds of people in attendance with loud music being broadcast from speakers.  At its height there was approximately 850 people and 200 vehicles present. 

Police prevented other vehicles arriving at the scene from entering the location.

In the interest of public safety and officer safety, officers closely monitored the event during the night and also carried out evidence and intelligence gathering procedures.

During Sunday morning as vehicles began to leave the location, a large number of people driving vehicles have also been issued with fixed penalty ticket notices. 

12 large amplifiers have been seized as was a generator and other associated items including cabling.

Chief Superintendent Bob Scully said: "It continues to be extremely disappointing and upsetting that people believe that it is acceptable to trespass, cause disruption, and damage flora and fauna on a site of special scientific interest in the process.
"Those attending this event showed a complete disregard for the environmental value of the land, the local community, as well as their own safety and the safety of others.

"The damage left by these selfish individuals is widespread and distress was caused to animals in the vicinity.

"During the course of the night, officers monitored the incident and did what was possible in the circumstances to maintain safety and limit damage to surrounding vegetation and crops."
Enquiries by officers will continue into establishing who the organiser of the event was and make investigations into any offences which may have been committed.