Ofsted Investigating Norfolk School Inspection Tip-Off

20 August 2014, 15:28 | Updated: 20 August 2014, 15:52

Ofsted are investigating claims that three schools in Norfolk were tipped off about an inspection.

A report claimed that academy schools in Norwich, Great Yarmouth and Thetford were given more than the usual half-day notice prior to an inspection. 

The schools are Thetford Academy, Great Yarmouth Primary Academy and Ormiston Victory Academy and the claims relate to inspections since 2013.

A review will look at whether or not any advance notice was given to the schools and if the current measures in place to protect the inspection schedule are good enough.

Head of Ofsted, Sir Michael Wilshaw said: "An article in Sunday's Observer carried a number of allegations from unnamed sources concerning the leaking of inspection dates to headteachers and academy trusts.
"Ofsted's reputation for inspecting without fear or favour is absolutely central to all that we do. I am determined to protect our integrity in this area.
"In light of the serious nature of the concerns raised, I have asked Sir Robin Bosher, Ofsted's Director, Quality and Training, to carry out a review of the circumstances of these specific inspections and the wider handling of the sharing of information about our inspection schedules.
"If any evidence comes to light that proves anyone within Ofsted or our contractors has shared information inappropriately, I will have no hesitation in taking the strongest possible action."