Getting married in Ikea?

If you were to get married in the place where you first met your other half, where would the ceremony be?

'Ellough industrial estate in Beccles!!! Not really my idea of a wedding venue though!!!! Caldecott Hall was much nicer.'

'In a terraced house in Great Yarmouth! Met my husband at a party.' 

Cupids Arrow can catch you at the most inopportune times. An Aussie couple recently got married in the place where they first met.


So, we just had to know where you'd be getting wed if your venue was the first place you met?

'It'd have to be a virtual wedding conducted over Facebook lol. Good old social networking eh!?'

'Bar Riga Southend watching a Fleetwood Mac tribute band. Sticky carpets and black walls not the nicest of venues.'

'Tesco in the self-serve bit where we both worked!'

'I'd be getting married online...oh dear.'

'Bestway taxi office!'

'Errr McDonald's! Not sure if I wanted to admit that!'

Season 5 of Big Town Show Down continues apace! And our search to find the cleverest place in the East takes us to Barton Mills next. Hear how Andy does around 8.35am.