Dave and Sarah's St. George's Day Quiz!

Dave and Sarah's St. George's Day Quiz! How English are you?

Ahhh it's our Patron Saint's Day! 

St. George!

Dave and Sarah want to know how English you really are. 

Have a look at these questions to find out...


1. You've started to bump into your new colleague on the bus every morning. Do you...

a) Talk to them! A lot! And then invite them to dinner with your family?

b) Pretend to be asleep/on the phone/engrossed every time you see them.


2. Are England going to win the World Cup?

a) Yes!

b) We'll probably be knocked out by Germany on penalties.



1. b - of course you're going to pretend to be asleep/on the phone/engrossed!! You're English! It's wrong to make eye contact with new acquaintances, it's especially bad and hideously awkward to actually speak to them.

2. a or b - depending on your optimism* at the time.

*If you're really English, that optimism is actually called pessimism.


Join in with the rest of the 'How English Are You?' quiz on tomorrow's Heart Breakfast from 6am.