Meet Heidi

Heart Breakfast Heidi

So, what's Heidi's fav joke, proudest moment and who is her celeb crush?

The A - Zs of Heidi

ADORE : what can't you live without?
Lip salve.

BODY: what physical attribute would you most like to change?
My wonky little finger, it’s comical.

CHILL OUT : Sofa, box-set, snackettes.

DREAM: To lie-in past 4.30am on a weekday…

EAST ANGLIA : I LOVE Great Yarmouth as I’m from there but we always used to go to Horsey Beach as kids, that was a great day out. The Marina in Ipswich is amazing on a sunny day – it’s my new favourite .

FAMOUS: The most famous celeb you've met?
I went on a date with James Corden when he was getting really famous from Gavin & Stacey. Lovely bloke.

GORGEOUS: your celeb crush is....?
 Different, depending which day you ask me? Today, Alexander Skarsgaard. A Viking God and also an actor.

HOLIDAY: what's your favourite destination?
Somewhere I’ve never been before. I get excited about seeing new things

IRRITATE : what's your most annoying habit?
Saying ‘sorry’ when someone bumps into me first.

JOKER : Dave!!

KNOCK KNOCK : tell us your favourite joke.
What happened when Santa parked his sleigh on double yellows?

It was Mistle-toed away…

LOVE LIFE : Not really thinking about it, I’ve got a new show to love!

MOVIES: favourite film?
Xanadu. It’s an 80’s fashion-fest. Everything about it, except the story (!) is amazing. I also have a serious appreciation of Optimus Prime and the Transformers.

NEVER: what would you absolutely refuse to do? Heights. Diving boards, bungee jumps, sky dives etc are all HORRIBLE ideas.

OFF WORK: what do you do in your spare time? Apart from the housework? Hang out with family, friends, walk the dog. Play drums badly.

PROUD MOMENTS : The day I passed out of basic training for the Royal Navy meant alot. My Dad had died the year before but he was a lifelong man of the sea - a fisherman – so he would have loved the whole day.

QUITE ANNOYING: People who sit on a packed train and use the only spare seat for their bags!

REWIND: where did you spend your childhood?
In my roller-skating boots, or in my bedroom playing with Sindy or deep in a book. Love a book.

SURPRISING: tell us something about yourself that no one else knows: I’m a 5 and a half shoe but always have to buy a 6…

TEAM: pick another presenter and describe him or her in 3 words:
Drive’s Noel Vine – ‘mysterious’, ‘musical’ and er, ‘male’?

UPLIFTING: what instantly makes you happy? 
Little stuff. The Welsh word ‘Popty-Ping’ (you’re Googling it, aren’t you), my dog wagging his tail, waking up on a Saturday morning knowing you’ve the whole day ahead, watching Frozen with my niece Sylvie.

VOCAL: who's your favourite artist?
Olivia Newton John always prevails.

WORRY : what keeps you awake at night?
My dog, Sonny Jim. Sometimes, he just lays on the floor at the end of the bed, chewing his feet. It’s like the doggy equivalent of biting your nails. The noise is horrible!

X-RAY : any broken bones?
No, I've been lucky. But there was last summer when I fell off a garden table trying to reach the washing line. I bashed my knees and wrung my ankles. It was like trying to squeeze a butternut squash into my shoes after that.

YOUNGER DAYS : what's your earliest memory?
Being dropped off for my first day at school. I hated it from day one!

ZOO : if you were an animal, which one would you be?

A Lion? I’m a Leo.

But I’m also a vegetarian, so I wouldn’t do too well at that ‘Gazelle-for-breakfast-lunch-and-dinner’ thing…