See the Clan

Scotland’s Cycle Stunt Team ‘The Clan’ will wow you with the most extreme and skilful cycling display show in the UK. The Clan show includes huge jumps and near-impossible feats of balance and nerve on their purpose-built rig.
The Clan are Mountain Bikers, BMXers and Trials cyclists. They are guys and girls, they are fire-fighters and students, they are very different characters indeed - what brings them together is a passion for cycling and showing off just what can be done on a bicycle.

The Clan consist of the finest cycling talent from across Scotland. They practice together all the time, always bringing new stunts into the show to out-do each other and win your cheers.

The Clan will be performing their ‘Kick-Start’ show, a 20 minute trials cycling show featuring the skills of Scotland’s best trials riders. Trials cycling involves riding heavily adapted mountain bikes, designed for precision manoeuvres.

During the show, the guys from the Clan will leap huge gaps, drop from big heights and balance on impossibly skinny beams. As well as this, look out for their dare-devil stunts including launching off the big rig backwards and even hopping on top of each other!

Don’t miss the chance to meet the best cyclists around.