3 Year Old From Essex Set To Join Mensa

If accepted to the high-intelligence society, it would make Saffron Pledger one of the youngest members ever.

Her IQ of 140 is 40 points higher than the national average, and 14 points off Carol Vorderman's.

Before even starting school, Saffron can write, read stories, count up to 50 and even do simple maths.

Her dad, Danny Pledger, won Countdown eight times and she apparently learned the alphabet by watching him on the show.

He's told Heart ''everytime we watch it she claims she has a longer word than me, but she never tells me what it is!''

Saffron said her first word at eight months and was speaking in full sentences at 18 months.

Her mum Kirstie Pledger say they haven't done anything special just reading to her: ''She's the only child I've ever met that is interested in the news.  We want to encourage her to do the best she can and do whatever she wants in life as long as it makes her happy.''

Danny Pledger added ''she's still a normal little three year old and likes Disney Princesses and Pepper Pig, so she's just a normal little girl''.

If accepted, Saffron will become one of the youngest people ever to join Mensa.

A spokesman for them has told Heart Saffron's test would be judged by their in-house psychologist within the next few weeks.