8-year-old left behind on schooltrip

A Mum from Basildon's furious after her son's school left him behind when got he stuck in a toilet during a schooltrip to a Watersports Centre.

Lisa Bracken's son Jack was forgotten about - after teachers from Laindon Park Primary failed to do a headcount before returning to school.

8-year-old Jack got trapped in a toilet cubicle at Grangewater in South Ockenden and had to ask a stranger to help him get back to school.

Mum Lisa told Heart she's livid proper checks weren't taken and has met school officials this afternoon for an explanation.

She said: "Jack's absolutely devastated - since it happened he's been waking up every night crying because he's terrified every time he goes into a toilet he's going to get locked in."

"The fact they left him is just unbelievable - it's shocking."

"Thankfully the man he approached at the Water Sports Centre was nice enough to take him to reception to call the school to call the coach he wasn't on it - until they got that call they had no idea he was missing."

After meeting staff this afternoon Lisa told us Laindon Park Primary School had apologised and were investigating how the incident was allowed to happen, to prevent it ever happening again.