Aircraft Crash At Southend Airport

2 June 2014, 12:16 | Updated: 2 June 2014, 12:35

A light aircraft has crash landed at Southend Airport.

A light aircraft has crash landed at Southend Airport with one person on board.

Fire crews are in attendance, along with the Airport's own fire team.

One person was on board and placed in the care of the Ambulance Service. The aircraft was made safe by the Airport fire team at 12:06 hrs.

Assistant Divisional Officer Martyn Hodder, Southend Station Commander, said: "The Cessna plane had a heavy landing and bounced onto the runway before landing on the grass. The pilot evacuated once the plane hit the ground and walked away from the crash. There was no fire.

"ECFRS crews assisted in checking the area was safe and the incident was dealt with swiftly and professionally by the Airport's own fire team."

The East of England Ambulance Service say the pilot, who was the only person on board the light aircraft, has been taken to hospital with neck pain.