Big Differences In Essex Recycling Rates

4 November 2011, 06:00 | Updated: 4 November 2011, 14:39

New figures out show big differences in recycling rates across the county.

Around 180,000 tonnes of waste has been sent to landfill in Essex between April and September this year.

During the same period, Rochford District Council recycled, reused or composted more than 69% of household waste - making residents in the town the best in the country for recycling.

That compares with just under 28% in Tendring, 41% in Maldon and nearly 43% in Colchester.

Meanwhile, Essex County Council is looking at plans to build state of the art facilities by 2015 which will reduce the need to send waste to landfill in future.

The proposals are expected to be submitted by Spring next year.

Sam Jarvis from Wastewatch told Heart: "Essex County Council spent around £16million on landfill tax last year, it is costly and that money could easily being spent on other council services.

"The county has a waste partnership so councils do talk and can learn from each other. It may just be down to a lack of resources in some cases or it's a particularly urban or built-up area where it just makes it a bit more difficult to collect."