Biggest Piggyback Race Attempt In Essex

Joey Pancaldi died in a mountaineering accident two years ago - Now his two sisters are hoping to set a new world record in his memory.

Charity Pancaldi (pictured with her brother Joey) and her sister Anna need at least 250 people to take part in what they hope will be the biggest ever piggyback race.

The world record attempt's being held at Lower Castle Park in Colchester on Sunday afternoon from 3pm and they want people of all ages to get involved with the 100m race.

It will cost £1.50 per person to take part and the money goes to the History Maker Foundation - set up by the Pancaldi family - helping young disabled and disadvantaged people enjoy the outdoors - something Joey was very passionate about.

His sisters got the idea of a piggyback race from a photo of Joey carrying his youngest sister Charity on his back prior to his death in 2008.