Canvey: Man Rescued From Flat Fire

11 April 2012, 05:55 | Updated: 11 April 2012, 06:39

A man's been rescued by firefighters following a fire in a flat on Canvey Island.

Crews were called to the property in Middlebury Road at around 7.30 last night (Tuesday April 10th) after a smoke alarm alerted a neighbour.

Assistant Divisional Officer Mark Turnbull said: "A neighbour heard a smoke alarm going off in the communal hallway and called 999. The caller advised ECFRS control that there could possibly be someone in the flat below where the fire had broken out.

"When firefighters arrived at the flat they forced entry into the property, crews wearing breathing apparatus made a search of the smoke filled flat and discovered a 37 year old man unconscious. Fire crews brought him out of the property to the Ambulance Service. The crews quick and efficient actions saved this man's life tonight."

The fire had started when plastic cooking containers had been left on the top of an electric cooker hob and caught fire.

ADO Mark Turnbull added: "Incidents like this show how important smoke alarms are. They provide vital early warning at the first sign of fire. A smoke alarm is the most important piece of equipment in any home. They will warn you and your family as soon as fire breaks out giving everyone plenty of time to get safely out. It is vital that smoke alarms are properly fitted and regularly tested.

"A smoke alarm will sound at the first sign of fire day or night alerting you. Just three breaths of toxic smoke can be enough to kill if you are sleeping when a fire breaks out."