Cerebral Palsy Girl Needs £60K Operation

9 June 2011, 06:00

Parents of a young girl in Essex are trying to raise money to help their daughter walk on her own for the first time.

5-year-old Honey Lock has cerebral palsy and needs an operation in the U.S.

Her mum Becky told Heart: "This would change our whole lives and she'll be able to chase her little sister, play in the garden and she won't need mummy and daddy to carry her around. It would just be a complete miracle."

Gabrielle's son goes to school with Honey and wanted to help.

The owner of Carlton Jewellers on Maldon High Street told Heart: "We're holding a big diamond raffle. If we sell all 5,00 tickets then we'll raise £10,000. That would be a really good step towards the amount of money Honey's mum needs to raise.

"So if you want to help, call 01621 856267 or pop into the shop for a ticket. The mayor will draw the winning tickets on July 14th. first prize is a pair of Solitaire 1.6 ct diamond stud earrings worth more than £3,500."