Challenge 25 Scheme Hits Colchester

Retailers are being encouraged to sign up to a new scheme in Colchester, asking anyone who looks under 25 for ID.

It's to help prevent underage alcohol sales and crack down on antisocial behaviour.

Anyone attempting to buy an age restricted product, like alcohol or cigarettes, who looks under 25 will be asked to confirm their age by producing a valid form of ID. This helps to reduce some of the uncertainty that staff face when selling age-restricted items.

County Councillor Kevin Bentley, Cabinet Member with responsibility for Trading Standards said: “We encourage retailers to adopt the Challenge 25 scheme in order to ensure that they are not giving young people access to age restricted products. I would urge residents over the age of 18 to not be offended if they are asked to show ID, and take it as a compliment that they are asked to prove their age!”