Colchester: Calls For Lower Limit Outside Schools

17 February 2014, 00:00 | Updated: 17 February 2014, 06:35

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20 mile an hour speed limits could be introduced outside every school in Colchester.

The town's MP, Sir Bob Russell, has written to Essex County Council calling for the limit to be capped.

A campaign is underway for the limit to be reduced from 30 miles an hour down to 20 in residential areas there but Sir Bob wants it to be extended to include all schools.

He said: "The 20mph speed limit outside schools is in addition to the wider campaign for residential areas to have 20mph speed limits.

"But not every school, of course, is located in areas where we can have zonal 20mph speed limits. Old Heath Primary School is one such example. Others are North Primary School off North Station Road and Myland Primary School in Mill Road, Mile End."

Former Harbour Ward Councillor Justin Knight, who lives in Old Heath Road, said: “Other parts of the country already operate 20mph speed zones outside all their schools. I hope that our campaign can encourage Essex County Council to implement the same here.”

Sir Bob said: “Around Colchester my Liberal Democrat colleagues are calling on many of the town’s estates to become 20mph zones where there is a clear safety need. My additional campaign will add to this safety call as there are a large number of schools which are not situated on an Estate.”

Sir Bob has written to County Councillor Rodney Bass who is the Cabinet Member for Highways and Transportation at Essex County Council.