Colchester: Have You Seen Missing Susan?

5 August 2013, 05:27 | Updated: 5 August 2013, 05:34

Police are looking for a woman from Colchester who has not made contact with her family since she left home on 22 July.

Two weeks ago Susan Beckerman, from Oxford Road, caught a taxi to the train station but has not been heard from since then.

Officers are worried that she may not be taking her medication for anxiety.

It is believed that she may have travelled to Newham in east London, but could be anywhere in the county.

She is described as 55 years old, 5ft 6ins tall, medium build with shoulder length brown hair.

When last seen she was wearing blue jeans and a blue jacket. She was carrying a large back pack.

Her husband asks for her to get in contact just to let him know she is OK.

Anyone with any information about Mrs Beckerman is asked to contact police in Colchester on 101.