Crash Victim's Family Pay Tribute

4 June 2011, 06:00 | Updated: 4 June 2011, 08:54

Ricky Burlton died after a crash on the A10 in Hoddesdon last June.

It's exactly a year since the 20-year-old from Enfield was involved in a collision on the southbound carriageway exit slip road at Hoddesdon and police are still looking for the driver responsible for his death.

Ricky's family paid tribute to him: "A year on and nothing changes for us. As each day passes we continue to endure the overwhelming pain and sadness as a family that will always be incomplete.

"Since you were so cruelly robbed of your life, your family, your future and dreams we have had to experience important anniversaries without the person we love and cherish such as all of our Birthday's including your brother Louis' 18th, what would have been your 21st.

"Nothing can ever fill the immeasurable hole we have in our hearts and we remain completely shattered to our cores by our loss of you Ricky. Eternal love"

A man, who is known as Georgios Tsoulos, is believed to have been driving a white Rover at the time of the incident and is wanted in connection with the investigation after absconding from hospital.

Tsoulos is believed to be Albanian and living in the UK under a false Greek identity. Following the incident he sustained injuries to his face and needed stitches which run from the bridge of his nose, above and across his right eyebrow, on his right cheekbone and the right side of his nose.