Date For Dartford Crossing Pay Change

6 November 2014, 09:49

Drivers who use the crossing between Essex and Kenbt will soon no longer need to dig around for loose change.

The Highways Agency has confirmed that a change in the way payments are made will come into effect on Sunday November 30, but at the same time there will be an increase in the cost to use the crossing.

Dart Charge will help reduce congestion and ease traffic flow at the crossing as drivers will no longer stop to pay at the barriers, the Highways Agency said.

The last cash payment will be taken at the crossing at around 10pm on Saturday November 29.

From 6am on Sunday November 30 drivers will be able to pay either in advance or by midnight the day after crossing. Payment can be made online, by phone, by post or at one of thousands of payzone retail outlets.

Drivers can now register for a pre-pay account at to save up to a third on every crossing from November 30.

The Highways Agency will be contacting existing Dart-Tag customers to explain how to transfer to a new Dart Charge account and continue to get discounts on crossings.

The current prices are as follows:

:: Motorbikes: free

:: Cars: £2 for cash and £1.33 for Dart Tag

:: 2 Axle Goods: £2.50 for cash and £2.19 for Dart Tag

:: Multi Axle Goods: £5.00 for cash and £4.33 for Dart Tag

The prices from Sunday November 30 will be:

:: Motorbikes: free

:: Cars: £2.50 for pay as you go and £1.67 for pre-paid accounts