Disabled Burn Victim Awarded Damages

3 February 2011, 14:45 | Updated: 16 February 2011, 13:54

A young disabled woman, who was severely burned after being lowered into a scalding bath at an Essex care home, has received substantial undisclosed damages.

Jeanette De Bono was burnt on 40 per cent of her body in the accident, which happened in Colchester back in 2002.

The High Court heard careworkers at the nursing home mistook her distress for an epileptic fit.

Miss De Bono, now 28, has Retts Syndrome - which causes the regression of sufferers who appear normal at birth.

Before the accident, Miss De Bono had a severe learning disability, no verbal communication, mobility problems, breathing disturbances, scoliosis and epilepsy.

But her condition was controlled by medication and she led an active and busy life. After the accident she lost whatever mobility she had, had.

The settlement against Wellcare Nursing Home, St Helen's Place, central London, will go towards new equipment like a powered wheelchair and a car so the family can go on outings with her.

Jonathan Watt-Pringle QC expressed the defendant's deep regret for Miss De Bono's injuries and hopes for a better future. He said that the defendant had recognised at an early stage that it should be responsible for all the financial consequences, which had been difficult to determine because of Miss De Bono's existing disabilities, and an ``appropriate and reasonable'' settlement had been reached.