East: Skin Cancer Rates Double

The number of people diagnosed with the most serious form of skin cancer in the East has doubled over the last 20 years.

Cancer Research UK say around 1,300 people in the East are being diagnosed with malignant melanoma each year.

This compares to around 460 people who were diagnosed annually in the early 1990's.

Sunbeds and holidays are being blamed for the increase.

Helen Johnstone, Cancer Research UK spokesperson for the East of England, said: "One of the best ways people can reduce their risk of malignant melanoma is to avoid getting sunburn. We know that those with the highest risk of the disease include people with pale skin, lots of moles or freckles, a history of sunburn or a family history of the disease.
"Sadly more and more people in the East of England are being diagnosed with malignant melanoma each year. But the good news is that survival is amongst the highest for any cancer.  More than 8 in 10 people will now survive the disease."

For more sun safety information from Cancer Research UK visit www.sunsmart.org.uk