Epping Tour De France 'Market Misery'

19 March 2014, 00:00 | Updated: 13 May 2014, 12:34

Market traders in Epping are seeking compensation for when the Tour De France comes through Essex.

They received a letter saying the historic Monday market won't be able to run on 7th July.

The direction has come from the Tour organisers.

Heart visited the market and was greeted by a number of disgruntled stall holders who have never experienced anything like this before.

One trader told Heart: "We're very very annoyed. This is where we work, we come here, we pay our rent, we do it year after year after year, in all weather conditions.

"How can it shut down people's wages? Even when we had the Olympics we've all worked together and it's been a tremendous day so why we can't work on this we do not know.'

Kevin Allenbrookes who runs the fruit and veg stall told us: "It's wrong isn't it, I've got five staff here, what am I supposed to do? Just tell them I can't Work? It's outrageous."

Heart asked the Tour de France organisers for a statement on this but so far they have not responded.