Essex: 700 Roads To Be Fixed

An extra £17.5million is going to be spent fixing potholes in Essex.

The County Council has released a list of 700 roads that will benefit from an extra £17.5million being invested to fix potholes and other defects.

It means in total over £32million will now be spent repairing roads here.

An extra 20 four-man-crews, doubling the number of maintenance crews in the county, will be working until 31 March 2015 to bring roads up to standard.

Money will be spent on:

- Fixing carriageway defects on Priority 1 and Priority 2 roads.
- Fixing carriageway defects on rural local roads.
- Repairing carriageway, footway, kerbing and drain defects on identified urban local roads.

(Priority 1 roads are those with the highest volumes of traffic.  Priority 2 are roads which provide essential traffic management function between Priority 1 network and local roads)

 A list of the 700 roads identified for repairs can be found here.