Essex football fans gracious in defeat

Essex Police have told us they dealt with fewer football-related incidents during and immediately after the England game yesterday than they did after our first two World Cup matches.

There were 16 assaults and public order offences in major towns like Chelmsford, Colchester and Southend as well as a call to a bar at Stansted Airport, but only three arrests.

Football-related violence peaked around England's first game on Saturday 12th June with 36 offences, then 23 after the match the following Friday.

It was lowest on Wednesday 23rd - the day of England's only win in the competition.

Officers said most of the call-outs were due to fights in pubs and bars or where the violence spilled out onto the streets around them.

They also told us that yesterday was a busy day generally, it being a weekend and the weather bringing lots of people out.