Essex: Labour Gain In Local Elections

4 May 2012, 06:56 | Updated: 4 May 2012, 07:11

It's been a bad night for the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats in the local elections.

Labour has racked up significant gains in England and Wales as voters seem to have punished the government for its austerity measures.

Nine councils in Essex were up for election. So far we have the results for eight districts and boroughs and are expecting the Epping decision later.



In Basildon there was no change as the Conservatives held on to power despite losing three seats.Labour has gained three seats.

  • Conservative 26
  • Labour 14
  • Liberal Democrat 2


No change in Brentwood as the Conservatives keep control here despite losing three seats. Liberal Democrats gain two seats and Labour also gains one.

  • Conservative 26
  • Labour 2
  • Liberal Democrat 8
  • Independent 1

Castle Point

In Castle Point there was no change as the Conservatives continue to hold onto power.

  • Conservative 25
  • Independent 16


Colchester remains with no party in overall control. Labour and Liberal Democrats both gained one seat each and the Tories lost 2.

  • Liberal Democrat 27
  • Conservatives 22
  • Labour 8
  • Independent 3


In Harlow Labour took control of the council from the Tories. Labour won five new seats. The Conservatives lost four and the Liberal Democrats lost one.

  • Labour 20
  • Conservative 13


The Conservatives remain in control of Rochford.

  • Conservative 12
  • Green 1


The Conservatives have lost overall control of Southend with Labour winning two seats and one gain for the Independent party.

  • Conservative 25
  • Liberal Democrat 10
  • Independent 10
  • Labour 6


In Thurrock Labour took control of the party gaining two new seats. UKIP also won a seat and the Tories lost three.

  • Labour 26
  • Conservative 20
  • Independent 2
  • UKIP 1



The Conservatives have held on to power in Broxbourne.

  • Conservative 27
  • Labour 3 


The Conservative party retained control of Hertsmere despite losing one seat. Labour gained three new seats.

  • Conservative 35
  • Labour 5