Essex Man Goes 'Optimus Prime' Mad!

One massive fan of Transformers now gets to live the magic of the movies everyday as he goes to work.

45-year-old Paul Tremaine, who lives in Chelmsford, asked his Tesco bosses if he could pimp his lorry and now his dream has come true.

Tesco and Paramount Home EntertainmentPaul, who has worked as an HGV driver for the company for 23 years, now has the task of using the transformed lorry - which the team have dubbed Tescoptimus Prime - to deliver the first batch of Transformer: Dark of the Moon DVDs to stores.

Commenting on his transformed lorry Paul said: "I am really excited to get Tescoptimus Prime on the road.  It's great that the hard work that us HGV drivers put in has been recognised by Tesco and Paramount Home Entertainment giving us a bit of fun and excitement in the run up to our busiest time of year."